I just received my Nilan signed Jersey! I want to thank Chris for signing the puck
for my little brother Riley! He didn’t have to do that! Riley was a great hockey
player and lover of life, and I know he would love the puck you signed for him!
Chris, you will always be a hero to me in more ways than you know! My family still
fights for people with addiction and we fight strong! The Cedar House in Abilene, Ks
is growing, and we have helped so many people! Thank you for helping me! You have
made such an impact on my life and I want you to know how much it means to me! It’s
amazing how a hockey player from Boston can effect a farm boy from Kansas! Keep
doing what you do and we will keep fighting for those who need it too! Thank you for
everything Chris!

Yours truly,
A cowboy hockey guy from Kansas!

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