English Montreal School Board
Cedarcrest Elementary School, Montreal, QC.

April 10, 2012

To Whom it May Concern,

Chris Nilan recently visited one of the elementary schools where I serve as school psychologist, Cedarcrest Elementary School (Montreal, QC.) to speak to the students about bullying. He touched all of the key elements of bullying and described the roles of all people involved, namely the bully, the bystander, the victim, and the ‘defender.’ Additionally, the fundamental role of parents and school staff (teachers, principals, etc.) were included in the global picture. It was very touching when Chris referred to his own father as his role model and how it impacted on how he conducted himself and treated others as he grew up, as an adult, and of course, as a hockey player. The pace of his speech was perfect, in that he spoke extremely patiently and gave the children time to process what he had to say. He related beautifully with the students, gained their respect and full attention, and his delivery and the content was appropriate for his target audience, namely children from the age of 5 (Kindergarten) to 12(Grade 6). He gave the utmost clarity and patience, even when the kids asked the same question more than once! It was a very informative presentation and what I enjoyed most is that Chris brought a personal and intimate feel to the subject matter.

I would highly recommend Chris to speak about bullying, as he provided excellent examples, role-plays, and recommendations for the children to put into practice. I would have loved if my own two children could have been there to hear him speak! For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Cheryl Wiltzer, M.A.


Chris Nilan
DATE: Fri, 20 Sep 2013
FROM: 6th Grade student at Mary Gardner School who was at Chris’s “No More Bullies” presentation
TO: Mary Quinn , Cgonzalez

Voici quelques témoignages de mes élèves de sixième année suite à la viste de Chris Nilan

Chris Nilan nous a parlé de certaines situations et de ce que l’on peut faire si on se fait intimider. J’ai retenu que son père lui disait: “si tu n’as rien de gentil à dire, ne dis rien”! Emily J’ai appris sur l’intimidation directe (physique et verbale) et sur l’intimidation indirecte (rumeurs, émotionnelle, sur le telephone cellulaire ou sur internet. C’était vraiment touchant. J’espère que tout le monde a eu une leçon! Braydie Ma partie préférée a été le vidéo.


Merci à Mrs. Quinn pour avoir organisé et partagé cette visite,
Mme Caouette



Kateri School, Kahnawake

April 15, 2012

No More Bullies is a presentation that was attended by our grades 3-6 at Kateri School, Kahnawake. The content covered was very clear and age appropriate. Chris Nilan is very well spoken and knows this problematic issue very well and is very dedicated toward putting a stop to it!

Chris looked at bullying from the victims point of view as well as from the bully’s point of view. Mr. Nilan introduced the students to bully vocabulary (defender, victim, bystander, jellyfish!) He also went into detail about the different types of bullying (emotional, verbal, physical, cyber)and described what each look like to the kids.

The presentation was done very well. The students were hanging on his every word, and for those few that got restless or were chatty, he quickly re-engaged them by addressing them directly. Chris was also not shy to answer any and all questions posed to him. He relates very well to the kids and demonstrates a very good sense of humor!

Everyone (students and staff) thoroughly enjoyed his presentation. His words were very inspiring , and he has empowered our children to speak out against bullying.

The students and staff loved Chris and we would love to have him back again….as our bullying consultant.

Leslie-Anne Stacey
Kateri School



Maison Renaissance, Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center
Hearst, ON.

April 18, 2013

On behalf of the board members and the staff of Maison Renaissance, I would like to extend our heartfelt thank you for your active participation in our 30th anniversary celebrations.

Our clients were absolutely overwhelmed by your personal touch. They talked about it for days. Mr. Nilan, you touched them profoundly. For this, we thank you!

Your presentation at the formal reception was “hors de l’ordinaire,” truly exceptional. You captivated our attention and brought home the message that addiction can happen to anyone and that the road to sobriety is not an easy one. You are helping save lives and you are making a difference. So for this, we thank you!

Please accept our deepest appreciation for yoru visit and we wish you good health, happiness and success in your professional endeavors. It was a great pleasure to meet you and we hope you will visit us again!

Rita Robin

Executive Director
Maison Renaissance



Mary Gardner School, Châteauguay, QC.

September 20, 2013

Hi Jamie,

Words cannot describe how amazing Chris was today. He IS incredible. His ability to speak to young elementary children and portray his message without doubt was well received. I choked up at several times during his presentation. His voice projection, confidence, yet humble nature was beyond powerful. I spoke to every class after he left to get their feedback. The kids LOVED him. They listened attentively in the gym. Some kids were so affected they stopped looking at him and just listened with their head down. I saw it. I know who our vulnerable and weak students are. They got his message. I was rather emotional for them but I sucked it up for their sake.

Chris was profound for both of my sons, Jacob & Noah. Noah was really taken back by Chris. Chris was so approachable and funny. Noah is on the Autism Spectrum. He doesn’t like many people. He’s been talking about Chris since this morning. Whatever Chris said or did with Noah, thank you. I’ve never seen him so happy, so open, talking! He rarely talks. Noah said, “Chris is my friend … he really likes me mom.” I melted.

On another note, Chris will be published in our local paper next week. I’ll send you the link.

I cannot thank you enough Jamie for making this possible. You are an incredible person, so easy to communicate with. I hope the remainder of your year will bring you and Chris happiness, health and many fond memories. We will look back on today with smiles and quotes to cherish. Please convey our gratitude to Chris for coming to MGS. He’s the best public speak I’ve heard to date!

All the best to you & yours,




Mountainview North School

October 25, 2013

Hey Chris,

just wanted to thank you very much for the great presentation you did yesterday at the boys farm up north. We have had some discussions with the boys since and the impact you had is evident. The portion of your speech on persevering and self- forgiveness was especially impactful and I’m sure you noticed the boy crying in the front row. What you wouldn’t notice though is that that boy is one of the harder youth with a difficult past and to see him allow himself to be vulnerable in front of his peers is a big step for him. Although the percentage of these Youth that will make their way out of the system is low, I’d like to believe that on days like yesterday we open that door just a little wider for them to ‘kick it down’, as you put so perfectly.

Thanks again for taking the time for these kids.

Your new friend

Scott Laekas

Batshaw youth and family centres



Socrates V, Laval, QC

January 24, 2013

Hi Jaime,

I just wanted to say that yesterday was a wonderful event at our school. Chris was perfect. All the kids loved him, and most important, they understood the message. From grade 1 to grade 6, kids are able today to repeat almost word for word what has been said yesterday.  It is just unbelievable!   As a teacher, when we take the responsibility to invite somebody at school for a special activity, we are easily criticized. It is not easy to please everyone. Yesterday, when Chris left, they all came to see me and told me it was just great! Thank you so much! I had a chance to take a picture with him and I will keep it as one of my best souvenirs.  I will never forget that day.  In Montreal, we are lucky to have people like you.  Chris is loved by all kinds of fans and he knows we love him, but we also need people like you.  You’re behind the scenes, but how important!!  I really hope you will stay in Montreal.  Don’t worry even if you don’t speak French, you’ll learn one day or the other.  Nice, organized and available like you, there are not so many!

Thanks again for everything!

Stephanie Bechara
French Teacher, Socrates V School
Laval, QC.




4625 Ste-Catherine Street West
Westmount, Québec H3Z 1S4

10 April 2013

To Whom It May Concern,

In November 2012, the Royal Montreal Regiment invited Mr. Nilan as the guest of honour to an annual dinner that pays tribute to our fallen comrades.  I was very much interested in having Mr. Nilan attend our dinner because as a retired professional athlete, a philanthropist, an advocate of children and young adults as well as his work with a national anti-bullying campaign I was convinced that he would rapidly connect to the members of the regiment in as much as he shares the values and spirit that are so much a part of the military culture today: hard work, integrity, loyalty and fairness.

Mr. Nilan was very serious in his preparation to be our guest of honour.  We communicated often on the subject where I provided some basic information on our unit.  Finally, I told him that he had the freedom to speak on a subject of his choice – he was our guest of honour and we were just very excited that he had accepted our request. (A former Canadiens in our midst!)

Mr. Nilan proved himself to be a superb guest of honour.  He delivered a powerful and impassioned speech that spoke not only of his years as a hockey player, but mostly of his support of the military and the importance of family.  He was able to connect to the members of the audience with his personal stories and though none of the soldiers in attendance would admit to it, all of the men and women present were moved by his sincerity, his blunt truthfulness, emotional connection and fabulous story-telling.   His kind words and well-delivered speech are still talked about today.  Without hesitation, the members of the Regiment consider Mr. Nilan a part of our Regimental family.

You are not without knowing that in the community, Mr. Nilan is firstly known as a former member of the storied and much-loved Canadiens.  That evening, to our great pleasure, we discovered other facets of Mr. Nilan stretching far beyond the public hockey-player personae.  Please rest assured that at all times he represented the Canadiens hockey club with pride and honour, values that are the foundation for any long standing organization.



William J. Crawford
Chief Warrant Officer
Regimental Sergeant Major
The Royal Montreal Regiment